Marvel Universe 2016 (Gemworlds)

  Who needs more comics stuff? You need more comics stuff. So here are some additional Marvel titles that can run alongside the main universe stuff and aren’t constrained by continuity or what’s going on in other books. Within the Captain Marvel run from my previous post, the final darkness that she will encounter, that […]

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Marvel Universe 2016 (Main)

Marvel is probably my favorite of the Big Two. Most of the comic books I was exposed to in my youth were from Marvel and I’ve always had an affinity for the their troubled heroes vs the godlike DC characters. Recently, I have strayed from the Marvel playground (and, honestly, DC as well) because it […]

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Originally posted on another blog of mine on June 13, 2014 hence some of the content. So, DC is making a Superman Vs. Batman movie. Actually, apparently, they are making a gang of films a la the Marvel Cinematic Universe. As a geek I should be happy about this. I am a Marvel fan more than I’m […]

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Hey. So, you’re probably wondering what this is or why does this guy have another blog. Well, I need some place to spit out the ideas that I’ll more than likely never get made strictly because they are other people’s/company’s properties. These ideas are fun but they are taking up too much brain space and […]

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